Samsung UN40M530DAF Power Cable Cord

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Original Samsung UN40M530DAF Power Cable Cord. This Power Cable Cord is designed only for Samsung Laptop. Simple style and form-fitting to hand to increase comfort. All function is original. Powerful Smart Voltage Current Management Technoloy, choose the right connector to connect your laptop, it will deliver a fitting Voltage for your laptop, easy and safe.


  • Fits with various Asus brand models
  • Made from premium quality materials for long-lasting and durability
  • Designed for easy replacement and operation
  • No programming needed, Just install and use
  • No Batteries included

Compatible Model: UN40M530DAF-NEW

Originally Supplied With:UX21A, UX31A, UX32A, S200, S200E, S201, Q2, 00E, X201E, X202E, TaiChi 21-DH51, TaiChi 21-DH71

Also Compatible With:BX21A, BX31A, BX32AR3010X, BX32A-R3010X, UX21A, UX21A1AK1, UX21A-1AK1, UX21A1AK3, UX21A-1AK3, UX21ADB5x, UX21A-DB5x, UX21AK1004v, UX21A-K1004v, UX21AK1009H, UX21A-K1009H, UX21AK1009V, UX21A-K1009V, UX21AK1009X, UX21A-K1009X, UX21AK1010H, UX21A-K1010H, UX21AK1010v, UX21A-K1010v, UX21AR5102H, UX21A-R5102H, UX21AR7102F, UX21A-R7102F, UX21AR7202F, UX21A-R7202F, UX31A, UX31A1AR4, UX31A-1AR4, UX31A1AR5, UX31A-1AR5, UX31A1AR7, UX31A-1AR7, UX31AAB71, UX31A-AB71, UX31AAB72, UX31A-AB72, UX31ABHI5T11, UX31A-BHI5T11, UX31ABHl5N53, UX31A-BHl5N53, UX31AC4027H, UX31A-C4027H, UX31AC4029H, UX31A-C4029H, UX31AC4032H, UX31A-C4032H, UX31AC4033H, UX31A-C4033H, UX31ADB51, UX31A-DB51, UX31ADB51CB, UX31A-DB51-CB, UX31ADB52, UX31A-DB52, UX31ADB71, UX31A-DB71, UX31ADB72, UX31A-DB72, UX31ADH51, UX31A-DH51, UX31ADH51CB, UX31A-DH51-CB, UX31ADH71, UX31A-DH71, UX31ADH71CA, UX31A-DH71-CA, UX31ADH71CB, UX31A-DH71-CB, UX31ADH71TCA, UX31A-DH71T-CA, UX31ADH71TCB, UX31A-DH71T-CB, UX31ADS51TCA, UX31A-DS51T-CA, UX31AR4002H, UX31A-R4002H, UX31AR4002V, UX31A-R4002V, UX31AR4003H, UX31A-R4003H, UX31AR4003P, UX31A-R4003P, UX31AR4003V, UX31A-R4003V, UX31AR4003X, UX31A-R4003X, UX31AR4004H, UX31A-R4004H, UX31AR4004V, UX31A-R4004V, UX31AR4005H, UX31A-R4005H, UX31AR4005V, UX31A-R4005V, UX31AR4005X, UX31A-R4005X, UX31AR5007V, UX31A-R5007V, UX31AR5008V, UX31A-R5008V, UX31AR5102F, UX31A-R5102F, UX31AR5102H, UX31A-R5102H, UX31AR5202H, UX31A-R5202H, UX31AR7202F, UX31A-R7202F, UX31ARB71, UX31A-RB71, UX31AXB52, UX31A-XB52, UX31AXB72, UX31A-XB72, UX31AXB73, UX31A-XB73, UX32ADB31, UX32A-DB31, UX32ADB51, UX32A-DB51, UX32ADB51CB, UX32A-DB51-CB, UX32ADH31CA, UX32A-DH31-CA, UX32ADH31CB, UX32A-DH31-CB, UX32ADH51CA, UX32A-DH51-CA, UX32ADH51CB, UX32A-DH51-CB, UX32AR3001H, UX32A-R3001H, UX32AR3001V, UX32A-R3001V, UX32AR3007H, UX32A-R3007H, UX32AR3007V, UX32A-R3007V, UX32AR3024H, UX32A-R3024H, UX32AR3028H, UX32A-R3028H, UX32AR3037H, UX32A-R3037H, UX32AR3502H, UX32A-R3502H, UX32AR4002P, UX32A-R4002P, UX32AR5502H, UX32A-R5502H, UX32ARHI5N31, UX32A-RHI5N31, UX32ARHI5N59, UX32A-RHI5N59, UX32AXB51, UX32A-XB51

Important Note:

Please ensure the connector size and output voltage match your need before charging your laptop. Prohibit the use of overload. If not find the right connector for your laptop, please contact us.