Samsung UN65NU8000F Power Cable Cord

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Original Samsung UN65KS8500F Power Cable Cord. This Power Cable Cord is designed only for Samsung Laptop. Simple style and form-fitting to hand to increase comfort. All function is original. Powerful Smart Voltage Current Management Technoloy, choose the right connector to connect your laptop, it will deliver a fitting Voltage for your laptop, easy and safe.


  • Built-in overload, over-voltage protection.
  • High energy conversion efficiency.
  • Friendly to the environment and your laptop.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of major laptop brands.
  • Ensure the safety during the using.


Compatible Model: UN65KS8500F-NEW

Originally Supplied With: UX21A, UX31A, UX32A, S200, S200E, S201, Q2, 00E, X201E, X202E, TaiChi 21-DH51, TaiChi 21-DH71

Also Compatible With: BX21A, BX31A, BX32AR3010X, BX32A-R3010X, UX21A, UX21A1AK1, UX21A-1AK1, UX21A1AK3, UX21A-1AK3, UX21ADB5x, UX21A-DB5x, UX21AK1004v, UX21A-K1004v, UX21AK1009H, UX21A-K1009H, UX21AK1009V, UX21A-K1009V, UX21AK1009X, UX21A-K1009X, UX21AK1010H, UX21A-K1010H, UX21AK1010v, UX21A-K1010v, UX21AR5102H, UX21A-R5102H, UX21AR7102F, UX21A-R7102F, UX21AR7202F, UX21A-R7202F, UX31A, UX31A1AR4, UX31A-1AR4, UX31A1AR5, UX31A-1AR5, UX31A1AR7, UX31A-1AR7, UX31AAB71, UX31A-AB71, UX31AAB72, UX31A-AB72, UX31ABHI5T11, UX31A-BHI5T11, UX31ABHl5N53, UX31A-BHl5N53, UX31AC4027H, UX31A-C4027H, UX31AC4029H, UX31A-C4029H, UX31AC4032H, UX31A-C4032H, UX31AC4033H, UX31A-C4033H, UX31ADB51, UX31A-DB51, UX31ADB51CB, UX31A-DB51-CB, UX31ADB52, UX31A-DB52, UX31ADB71, UX31A-DB71, UX31ADB72, UX31A-DB72, UX31ADH51, UX31A-DH51, UX31ADH51CB, UX31A-DH51-CB, UX31ADH71, UX31A-DH71, UX31ADH71CA, UX31A-DH71-CA, UX31ADH71CB, UX31A-DH71-CB, UX31ADH71TCA, UX31A-DH71T-CA, UX31ADH71TCB, UX31A-DH71T-CB, UX31ADS51TCA, UX31A-DS51T-CA, UX31AR4002H, UX31A-R4002H, UX31AR4002V, UX31A-R4002V, UX31AR4003H, UX31A-R4003H, UX31AR4003P, UX31A-R4003P, UX31AR4003V, UX31A-R4003V, UX31AR4003X, UX31A-R4003X, UX31AR4004H, UX31A-R4004H, UX31AR4004V, UX31A-R4004V, UX31AR4005H, UX31A-R4005H, UX31AR4005V, UX31A-R4005V, UX31AR4005X, UX31A-R4005X, UX31AR5007V, UX31A-R5007V, UX31AR5008V, UX31A-R5008V, UX31AR5102F, UX31A-R5102F, UX31AR5102H, UX31A-R5102H, UX31AR5202H, UX31A-R5202H, UX31AR7202F, UX31A-R7202F, UX31ARB71, UX31A-RB71, UX31AXB52, UX31A-XB52, UX31AXB72, UX31A-XB72, UX31AXB73, UX31A-XB73, UX32ADB31, UX32A-DB31, UX32ADB51, UX32A-DB51, UX32ADB51CB, UX32A-DB51-CB, UX32ADH31CA, UX32A-DH31-CA, UX32ADH31CB, UX32A-DH31-CB, UX32ADH51CA, UX32A-DH51-CA, UX32ADH51CB, UX32A-DH51-CB, UX32AR3001H, UX32A-R3001H, UX32AR3001V, UX32A-R3001V, UX32AR3007H, UX32A-R3007H, UX32AR3007V, UX32A-R3007V, UX32AR3024H, UX32A-R3024H, UX32AR3028H, UX32A-R3028H, UX32AR3037H, UX32A-R3037H, UX32AR3502H, UX32A-R3502H, UX32AR4002P, UX32A-R4002P, UX32AR5502H, UX32A-R5502H, UX32ARHI5N31, UX32A-RHI5N31, UX32ARHI5N59, UX32A-RHI5N59, UX32AXB51, UX32A-XB51

Important Note:

You won't need to worry about the quality of the Cable Cord. Please feel free to contact us if you have any query, thanks!