Generic TV Remote Control for LG MKJ40653801 Television

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This is a generic/unbranded remote control that is not associated with the original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) in any way. This product works on compatible equipment. By purchasing this product you explicitly agree and it is implied that the product you are purchasing is not an OEM product, nor does it set out to advertise itself to be the OEM unit.


  • Fits with variety brand models
  • Made from quality materials for long-lasting and durability
  • Designed for easy replacement and operation
  • No programming needed, Just install and use
  • No Batteries included

Compatible Model: MKJ40653801-CN

Originally Supplied With: 32LG10, 32LG20UA, 32LG20-UA, 32LG30, 32LG30DC, 32LG30DCUA, 32LG30DC-UA, 32LG30UA, 32LG30-UA, 32LG30UD, 32LG30-UD, 32LG50, 32LG60, 32LG60UA, 32LG60-UA, 32LG60UD, 32LG70, 32LG70UA, 32LG70-UA, 37LG30, 37LG30DC, 37LG30DCUA, 37LG30DC-UA, 37LG30UA, 37LG30-UA, 37LG30UD, 37LG30-UD, 37LG50, 37LG50UA, 37LG50-UA, 37LG50UG, 37LG50-UG, 37LG60, 37LG60UA, 37LG60-UA, 37LG60UG, 37LG60-UG, 42LG30, 42LG30DC, 42LG30DCUA, 42LG30DC-UA, 42LG30UA, 42LG30-UA, 42LG30UD, 42LG30-UD, 42LG50, 42LG50DC, 42LG50DCUG, 42LG50DC-UG, 42LG50UA, 42LG50-UA, 42LG50UG, 42LG50-UG, 42LG60, 42LG60UA, 42LG60-UA, 42LG60UG, 42LG60-UG, 42LG61, 42LG61UA, 42LG61-UA, 42LG70, 42LG70UA, 42LG70-UA, 42LG70UG, 42LG70-UG, 42LGX, 42PG25, 42PG60, 42PG60;, 42PG60C, 42PG60CUA, 42PG60C-UA, 42PG60UA, 42PG60-UA, 47LG20, 47LG50, 47LG50DC, 47LG50DCUA, 47LG50DC-UA, 47LG50DCUG, 47LG50DC-UG, 47LG50UA, 47LG50-UA, 47LG50UG, 47LG50-UG, 47LG60, 47LG60UA, 47LG60-UA, 47LG60UG, 47LG60-UG, 47LG70, 47LG70UA, 47LG70-UA, 47LG70UG, 47LG70-UG, 47LG90, 47LG90UA, 47LG90-UA, 47LGX, 50PG25, 50PG60, 50PG60F, 50PG60FUA, 50PG60F-UA, 50PG60UA, 50PG60-UA, 50PG70, 52LG50, 52LG50DC, 52LG50DCUA, 52LG50DC-UA, 52LG50DCUG, 52LG50DC-UG, 52LG50UA, 52LG50-UA, 52LG50UG, 52LG50-UG, 52LG60, 52LG60UA, 52LG60-UA, 52LG60UG, 52LG60-UG, 52LG70, 52LG70UA, 52LG70-UA, 52LG70UG, 52LG70-UG, 57LG70, 60PG60, 60PG60F, 60PG60FUA, 60PG60F-UA, 60PG70, MKJ40653801, RTMKJ40653801

Also Compatible With: 43H5C, 43H7C, 50H5C, 50H6B, 50H7GB, 50H8C, 55H5C, 55H6B, 55H7B, 55H8C, 5H9B, 65H10B, 65H7B

Important Note:

You won't need to worry about the quality of the Remote Control. Please feel free to contact us if you have any query, thanks!