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Lenovo S10-3C Power Adapter Cable Cord Box Adaptor

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High-speed Charging, Multi Safety Protection, 99% compatibility for most brand laptop. Choose the right connector to connect your laptop, it will deliver a fitting Voltage for your laptop, easy and safe.


  • Built-in overload, over-voltage protection.
  • High energy conversion efficiency.
  • Friendly to the environment and your laptop.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of major laptop brands.
  • Ensure the safety during the using.

Compatible Model: S10-3C-NEW

Originally Supplied With: S103, S10-3, S103C, S10-3C, S103S, S10-3S, S103T, S10-3T

Also Compatible With: 0225A2040, 36001806, 41R4441, 41R4446, 41R4447, 41R4449, 42T4455, 45K2200, 957N0111P102, 957-N0111P-102, ADP30SH, ADP-30SH, ADP40MH, ADP-40MH, ADP40NH, ADP-40NH, PA130012, PA-1300-12, S10, S100, S100C, S102, S10-2, S102AG, S10-2AG, S102BG, S10-2BG, S102CG, S10-2CG, S102DG, S10-2DG, S102QG, S10-2QG, S102RG, S10-2RG, S102SG, S10-2SG, S110, S12, S205, S205S, S9, S9E

Important Note:

You won't need to worry about the quality of the Power Adapter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any query, thanks!