-SharkKU2B-240-0200D-SV780SP N14 1037FI-USEDShark-Picture-1
-SharkKU2B-240-0200D-SV780SP N14 1037FI-USEDShark-Picture-2
-SharkKU2B-240-0200D-SV780SP N14 1037FI-USEDShark-Picture-3
-SharkKU2B-240-0200D-SV780SP N14 1037FI-USEDShark-Picture-4
-SharkKU2B-240-0200D-SV780SP N14 1037FI-USEDShark-Picture-5
-SharkKU2B-240-0200D-SV780SP N14 1037FI-USEDShark-Picture-6

Shark SV780SP N14 1037FI Appliance Power Adapter Cable Cord Box Adaptor (USED)

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. This listing is for a USED remote control and may have minor cosmetic blemishes and imperfections. We do not offer returns on used products due to cosmetic imperfections; however, all our products are gauranteed to be fully functional.